Teaching Children about Stranger Danger

Safe and Sound Activity 7

Ask the children:

What is a stranger? (A stranger is someone you do not know. A stranger could also be someone who tries to be nice to me, but I still do not know the person. Tell the children, that besides strangers, they should NOT go with anyone, even if they know them (a neighbor, cousin, friend, or relative) unless their parents or caregiver has told them that it's OK to go.)

Is it alright for a stranger to invite a child to go somewhere with him/her? (No.)

What about if the stranger has a nice dog or cat? (No.)

What about if the stranger needs help? (No - a stranger should never ask a child for help.)

What about if you think you know the person but you're not sure? (No - the person is still a stranger.)

What do you do it a stranger started to talk to you and asked you to go somewhere with them?

  • Say the rhyme:

          First I yell "NO!"
          Then I go,
          find a grownup who I know!)
  • Tell the class that they will play a game called "Danger, Danger, I See a Stranger."

Play the game in a circle and instruct the children to call on the person next to them when they play the game.

The teacher starts the game by saying:

  Danger, danger, I see a stranger

  Asking my friend (Emily) to come.

  (Emily) yells..."

Instruct (Emily) to yell "NO!" And the whole class says the rhyme:

  First I yell "NO!"

  Then I go

  find a grownup who I know!

Now Emily says the danger part, with the teacher's help:

  "Danger, danger, I see a stranger

  walking over to my friend (Hope.)

  (Hope) yells...

Hope yells "NO!" and the class recites the rhyme. Now, Hope says the danger part and so on until every child has a chance to yell "NO!"

This is a sample activity from the Healthy Start, Health Education Program for Preschoolers