My Amazing Body, Preschool Health Education

My Amazing Body Unit

My Amazing Body Unit will focus on developing an awareness of the body and how it works. It will focus on the importance of taking good care of the body. Also, this unit will include developing an understanding of specific parts of the body - heart, lungs, and brain - and how they work.

Children at this age, while aware of their different senses need to develop skills in using all of their senses to help them make choices and to assess when they are in danger. The activities include the discussion of a sixth sense, that is, the sense that one has when using all of the various cues that the five senses provide, they determine that something is not right, out of place, uncomfortable, or dangerous. Children should be encouraged to trust their instincts, that is, the feeling that something is not right. This contributes to their self-esteem by complementing the idea that their feelings are important.

Complex concepts about internal body parts and functions are generally beyond the developmental capabilities of preschool children. A basic sense that there are many parts inside that work together and a familiarity with several key systems, that is, the brain, heart, and lungs is developed in this unit. These three areas are chosen because they are three critical areas that young children can take care of through proper nutrition, taking safety precautions (helmets and seat belts), and staying away from cigarette and other smoke. These preventive behaviors are learned in other parts of the curriculum.

Goals and Objectives

  • Children will be able to identify parts of the body and how they work.

  • Children will be able to identify importannt body parts and how to maintain their health.

  • Children will demonstrate the use of each of the five senses.

  • Children will be able to identify the special ways in which their bodies give them information

  • Children will be able to identify the functions of the brain, the heart, and the lungs.

Points to emphasize:

  1. The heart pushes the blood around the body to keep it working properly.

  2. The lungs take in the air that we breathe and send it to the heart to send to all the parts of the body.

  3. The brain is the power center that tells all the other parts of the body what to do.

  4. Children should always use their brains to make good and healthy choices about their bodies.

  5. We use our eyes to see. We use our ears to hear sounds. We use our noses to smell. We use our tongues to taste things. We use our skin that surrounds the whole body to feel.

This is a chapter in the Healthy Start, Health Education Program for Preschoolers Sample Activities From the Chapter: