Germ Unit - Preschool Curriculum

Germ Busters Unit

The germ buster unit will consist of lessons on dental and general hygiene. The dental lessons will focus on brushing teeth regularly and choosing snacks that are not cariogenic, that is, do not promote tooth decay.

The dental health activities are designed to help children become proficient at proper tooth brushing technique, as well as in choosing snacks that do not promote tooth decay. They learn that foods with a lot of added sugar can cause cavities and that some foods naturally help to remove sticky foods from their teeth. The development of good snacking habits and regular tooth brushing help to prevent tooth decay and contribute to the objectives of the Know Your GO FOODS unit. Demonstration and practice help to develop these habits.

The general hygiene lessons will focus on germ control through proper hand washing, and hair care practices, and by covering coughs and sneezes.

Goals and Objectives

  • Children will brush teeth daily.

  • Children will decrease consumption of foods that are high in sugar and particularly sticky (cariogenic).

  • Children will be able to identify foods that are high in sugar, are sticky, and cariogenic.

  • Children will be able to demonstrate proper tooth brushing technique.

  • Children will be able to demonstrate proper hand washing methods.

  • Children will recognize the importance of not sharing hair care products.

  • Children will demonstrate proper gem control techniques with regard to coughs, sneezes, and the use of tissues.

Points to emphasize:

  1. Foods that stick to the teeth can make the teeth get cavities or holes in them.

  2. Sometimes you can not see the food that is stuck to the teeth.

  3. Brushing the teeth every day can help to take away the foods that can cause cavities.

  4. Children should choose foods that are not sticky.

  5. If children eat a sticky food, they should brush their teeth right after eating it.

  6. Children should wash hands before eating, after bathroom use and any other time they are dirty.

  7. Children should never share combs, brushes, hats, etc...

  8. Children should always cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.

  9. Tissues should be used to blow the nose and be disposed of properly.

Nutrition bonus lesson:

There are many healthy snacks that have no added sugar and are not sticky.

This is a chapter in the Healthy Start, Health Education Program for Preschoolers Sample Activities From the Chapter: