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Healthy Start Special For Your Students!

For each order of Healthy Start and/or Animal Trackers, receive Healthy Hops, pre-school nutrition and exercise program, a $59.95 value, free as part of our 2016 Preschool Education promotion.

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Preschool Funding from the US Department of Education for our Healthy-Start Users

The President's budget request expands access to high-quality early learning while investing in innovation and evaluation to promote the implementation of evidence-based practices for our youngest learners and improve educational outcomes in the early grades.  Supports voluntary, universal preschool. The mandatory Preschool for All initiative would invest $75 billion over...

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Towards A Healthy New Year

Dear Healthy Start Colleagues, Teachers and Friends: Thanks to all of our hard work and efforts, as 2015 comes to a close, Universal Preschool Education is becoming a reality. Part of this education is to insure the physical and emotional wellness of our pre-school children. Make 2016 a Healthy Start...

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Hello Spring Goodbye Winter Blues!

By Juliana Jacobs, contributing writer. Spring is finally right around the corner! We can bid farewell to freezing weather, snowstorms and puffy, often unflattering winter attire. Although it’s easy to transition out of our winter wardrobes, it is often more difficult to get our bodies and minds into the spring...

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"We have used the Healthy Start program over the past year and it has been working very well! Our teachers love that it is so user friendly."
Finnula Brown R.D, Nutrition Manager-Northern Fairfield County HS

"The Healthy Start Curriculum is Fantastic! Thank you for creating such an outstanding program. I have been a nutrition specialist for the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension for 29 years and this is one of the best comprehensive health promotion programs for young children that I have ever used"
Mary Collins-Nutrition Specialist Lincoln Public Schools, Lincoln Nebraska

"We use the Healthy Start curriculum in over 15 of our schools and it is an excellent resource. We love the completeness in that it addresses all aspects of health."
Vera Massey Nichols, MS-Nutrition Specialist- University of Missouri

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Healthy Start Preschool Health Education Curriculum

The Healthy Start Company was founded in 2001 to provide early educational solutions that promote positive healthy behaviors to help prevent childhood obesity and other risk factors for long-term illnesses later in life.

Our programs are created by our team of the best and the brightest in the fields of obesity prevention, nutrition, physical activity, and educational content. These timely and exemplary programs are extensively researched, evaluated and published in over 20 professional journals.

The programs are designed to be engaging and fun for young children with stories, games, songs and rhymes. They are adaptable to a variety of preschool environments and easy to integrate into any early childhood education curriculum.

Our curriculum is currently being used in over 21 states throughout the nation.

• Colorado
• California
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Kansas
• Maine
• Maryland
• Michigan


• Missouri
• Nebraska
• New Jersey
• New Mexico
• New York
• North Carolina
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Texas
• Tennessee
• Wyoming